Co-Editor, Journal of Writing Assessment Reading List, with Bruce Bowles, Jr.
Soliciting reviews of relevant publications related to assessment, interacting with authors at substantive, copyediting, and proofreading levels. Coordinating with editorial board to achieve journal goals. Designing new WordPress-based blog and migrating Blogger content. Initiating linguistic and visual style guide for JWA.

At the University of Alabama

Mentor, Greek RISE Initiative

Mentored Kappa Sigma pledges in Resilence, Initiative, Service, and Excellence.

Member, Portfolio Task Force

Worked with WPA and other key faculty in the First-Year Writing program to establish and norm a portfolio assessment system for student writing, aimed at improving course outcomes across 100-level writing courses.

At Florida State University

Digital Studio Consultant
Worked in department multiliteracy center, consulting with graduate and undergraduate students about digital multimodal projects. Created print, web, and film projects for departmental and programmatic initiatives. Developed website for FSU Digital Symposium; worked with consultants and other stakeholders to plan and orchestrate the event.


Assistant to the Director of the Reading and Writing Center at Johnston
Tutored graduate students, scheduled tutors, resolved scheduling issues, created assessment plan for writing center.

EDEPT Co-Administrator and Scorer, 2014 and 2015.
Assisted Dr. Michael Neal with departmental modified directed self-placement program. Revised essay prompts; proctored testing; scored essays and made recommendations for student placement into one of three FYC courses.

At King College

Department Chair, Department of Technical and Professional Communication (2011-2012)
Engaged in departmental assessment, scheduled courses for department, held meetings to decide on departmental initiatives. 

Coordinator of KING 2000 (Transfer Student Orientation Workshop) Course (2010-2012)
Developed and delivered intensive orientation course for transfer students, utilizing multiple guest speakers.

Kayseean advisor (2009-2012)
Held meetings, hired and fired employees, helped staff think through key decisions.

Chapel Speaker, Fall 2011
Delivered presentation.

Faculty Reviewer, King College GPS Admissions (2010-2011)
Decided borderline admission cases.

Program Chair, Digital Media Program (2009-2011)
Engaged in programmatic assessment, researched and drafted 2012 Program Review Document.

Faculty Member, King College Honor Council (2009-2010)
Decided honor cases along with other council appointees.

Appointee, Dean of Faculty’s Special Committee on Advising (Fall 2009)
Assisted in creating and delivering faculty development presentation.

At Southern Wesleyan University

Member, Core Curriculum Revision Committee (2007-2008)
Assisted in revising SWU core curriculum.

At Clemson University

MATRF (Multimedia Authoring, Teaching, and Research Facility) Associate (2007)
Worked in English department multiliteracy center, coordinating with clients on web-building projects, such as the Fluid Campus.