Here are some things I made while taking doctoral courses at Florida State University (August 2012-July 2014):

Visual Rhetoric with Kathleen Blake Yancey
Designs and Visual Essays

Theories of Composition with Rhea Lathan
Final Paper: Hugh Blair, Refinement, and Authenticity: The Specter of Taste in Composition Studies

Research Methods with Michael Neal
Research Proposal: Keywords and Multimodal Assessment: Are We Assessing What We Think We Are?

Rhetorical Theory and Practice with Kathleen Blake Yancey
What is Rhetoric?

Digital Revolution and Convergence Culture with Kathleen Blake Yancey
Portfolio: Everything That Automizes Must Converge!

Technology and the Assessment of Writing with Michael Neal
Portfolio: How to Assess? (Access by permission)

Responding to and Evaluating Students’ Texts with Michael Neal
Theory of Response

African-American Literacies with Rhea Lathan
Course Design: Afrofutures: Black Literacies, Technologies, and Cultures in Future Time

History of the Book with David Gants
Final Paper: Jan Tschichold’s Renunciation of Die Neue Typographie: The Anatomy and Ethics of a Typographical Reversal

Issues in Literary and Cultural Studies with Ralph Berry
Term Paper: “Something Irrationally Revered”: Displacement, Disavowal and Fetish in Four Theorists
Term Paper: Ludic Responses, Ludic Bodies: Cixous Through “The Culture Industry”

British Renaissance Poetry with Bruce Boehrer
Final Paper: Defining England in Histories, Geographies, Theologies, Lexigraphies: An Incomplete Survey of Short Title Catalog Numbers 4501-5000

British Romantic Literature with James Kimbrell
Final Paper: Ways of Knowing Keats’s “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”