William Maddox

          William is a fifth year Senior at The University of Alabama, pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Construction Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics.  William is a hard-worker and an avid learner; having to work a full time job whilst going to college isn’t ideal but as he says, “A man’s gotta’ do what a man’s gotta’ do.”  His mother worked for the ROSE administration for UA, so at a young age the words “Roll Tide” were engraved into his very being.  William was always good at Math and had a knack for problem solving. or in other words “just figuring things out”; for instance building LEGO sets without the instruction manual, taking apart electronic devices such as VCR’s and old gaming devices just to figure out how they worked and always asking “why?” to get a further explanation of what was going on are just a few examples of why one day he would be steered into the Engineering profession.  After completing two years at a Community college per his parent’s request he applied for a transfer to UA and started out as an Electrical Engineering student, he would soon come to find that simply wasn’t for him.  After 3 years of goofing off, getting into trouble, and just plain laziness William would find himself in Academic probation, flunking out of the College he grew up loving so much, he was just plain burnt out.  After a year off to just work and relax, William saw friends and family graduate left and right…so with an attitude adjustment and a new passion to see College through (not just for himself, but for all the loved ones who had backed him since day one), he embarked on his new journey of Civil and Construction Engineering to where he hopes to utilize his skills and knowledge, combined with his passion and determination, to finish out these next two years on top and to seek out a career where his hard work and discipline can be taken advantage of.

          William’s accomplishments, just to name a few, are as follows: Eagle Scout (Order of the Arrow), three-time National Fine Arts competitor, two- time local Chess Champion and two-time Fantasy Football winner amongst his friends (while not impressive to some, he still loves to gloat).  In his free time, when he has it, he focuses on his first love…Music.  William has an ensemble of instruments, composing of three acoustic guitars, drum set, keyboard, his dad’s prized harmonica, Cajon and many other percussion equipment; he one day hopes to combine them all somehow/someway to become a one man band to amuse family and friends and most importantly, himself.  His hand-eye coordination is second to none with the gaming skills he has accrued over many years and vast amounts of gaming systems, he’s very competitive and doesn’t like to lose.  Although work and school takes up most of his time, with his hobbies rounding off the rest, he still manages to find time to do volunteer work for his community whether it be for the teaching merit badges for Boy Scouts of America, donating blood any time he can for Red Cross, taking dogs on walks at Metro Animal Shelter, or singing/playing his guitar for the elderly at the local Nursing home.  They say behind every great man is an even better woman, and for him it is non-other than a beautiful three and a half year old Pit/Lab mix named Angelica he adopted from the Animal Shelter one day volunteering, she is his “Baby Girl” and his companion through life.

Although mistakes have been made, William is hopeful for the future and cannot wait to tackle what’s ahead with a bright ambition.  At the end of his collegiate career, this narrator believes he will be at the top of his class with a comeback that rivals Michael Jordan in his field.  With his accomplishments, practical use of his hobbies and vast volunteer work, mixed with his strong work ethic and discipline to what’s right or wrong, one cannot help but wonder if there is a ceiling too high for him.  Any employer would be lucky to have him and any company would benefit through his employ.  While still a ways to go and a lot of obstacles ahead of him, William’s future has never been so bright.






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