Week 7 Project Update – Team Friendship

Due to out lapse last week in progress, Team Friendship picked back up with gusto last week to place finishing on our project. We have finally completed the game board and were able to take pictures to place into our game design document. We also are excited to announce that we were presented an award from President Bell announcing our team as the best team in David Bedsole’s Technical Writing class of 2017.

This week is an important week for Team Friendship. As it is our last week in class, we hope to send our board game out to the world with a bang. This week we will finish the game design document, finish our Kickstarter page, and complete working on our video. Each of us will also complete a memo regarding our final work with this class. While this may be the last week, Team Friendship will always live on in our hearts and we vow, this week, to give 100%.

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