Week 8 Project Update – Team Friendship

Wow. Our final week came and left in a flash. This week team friendship managed to meet outside of class again to start production of the promo video for Capitalism. The video was a B roll of basic operations seen throughout the game. The script will be read aloud over over the film following the actions seen in the B roll.

As the semester comes to a close, we will focus on completing all assignments for our portfolio. Along with the portfolio we have individual memos to produce before Friday. Now aside from our assignments, we are normally expected to be sentimental or uplifting in our progress reports, but this time we shall remain detached as we know this will not be the end but an opening scene to a much larger picture. We fully intend to keep our Groupme and Snapchat group feeds alive in the proceeding semesters and post-graduation. Roll Tide and keep it strictly dickly.

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