Game description

The Greek Gods and Goddesses were once the most powerful pantheon in the known western world. However, the rise of other religions has caused the Greek pantheon to lose their followers and, as a result, their powers. Now no stronger than any other man or woman, the Greek Gods and Goddesses seek once again to rise to godliness, and all aspire to become the King of the Gods.

Assume control of your god or goddess and fight, plan, and gather your way to the top. Keep in mind, a god or goddess receives power not only from their key item but from the belief of those that follow them. Build your tribe and armies to take down your enemies. Use your charisma to sway new followers and gather resources to keep them fed. Every follower has their flaws and benefits, so do not underestimate or overestimate anyone. The strength and efficiency of your tribe requires strategy, balance, and an eye towards the future. You are as strong as your weakest member, but in numbers there is strength to withstand any enemy attack.

Travel is a crucial part of your conquest, but with its rewards come risks. Complacency will lead to your downfall and, as any good leader knows, resources can be found in more than one location, however treacherous battles with fickle Lady Fate may leave your tribe in shambles.

Gather your friends and family and find out who among you can ascend to the top of Mount Olympus. Your throne awaits you.

Number of players




Gameplay time

~90 minutes



Game design document

Ascension Game Design Document

Trailer and gameplay video