Dive Deeper

Game description

Dive Deeper is a board versus player game and it has elements of chance, strategy, and an educational opportunity all wrapped into one experience.  You roll dice to gain points, coins, and artifacts as you travel farther out to sea. Each buoy you travel to takes you to deeper depths and allows you to collect more coins and points while discovering rare fish facts. You also get the opportunity to dive deeper from the surface at multiple depths in one turn and learn about fun real fish along the way.  In order to win, you must attempt to find the Lost City of Atlantis by beating the board and all other players involved. This game can be played alone or with friends, either way each round of playing is unique and will always offer new experiences. There is also a danger element involved with the game, you have to roll the dice to try to avoid the danger, and as in real life the deeper you dive the more dangers you may encounter.  If you do not avoid the danger you may loose your coins, points, or maybe even lose your life, and be sent back to the dock. If this happens you have to start back with a new diver and work your way back to a more experienced diver. and as in real life the deeper you dive the more dangers you may encounter.  We hope that this game brings joy to the whole family and brings opportunity for people to gain interest in the ocean and all it’s wonders.

Number of players

1 to 4 players


7 and up

Gameplay time

Depending on number of players, 1-2 hours.


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Trailer and gameplay video

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