Pregame Game

Game description

Pregame Game is a party enthusiast’s weekend ritual. The game consists of multiple party games bundled into an easy board game format with one winner.  Unfold the board, whatever character you want to be, a number counter (this is to count coins), and the cards and die.  Set-up is easy: layers use dice (two to roll for starter and rotation), cards (RED – very bad, YELLOW – bad, GREEN – good and BLUE – very good), and their own creativity to collect as many coins as they can to buy our end game currency, Big Al’s. Collecting coins and losing coins are easy, with every space you can gain/lose coins depending on the space ( for RED, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE you lose 5, lose 3, gain 3 and gain 5 respectively) as well as betting coins for mini-games!  While collecting Big Al’s and losing Big Al’s are difficult, you must have 50 coins and pass start to purchase one.  Players can maneuver their way around the board in the way they like as long as it is in a forward manner, but our game is designed to have twists and shake-ups along the way!  The game is designed for the loser to pay for the cab and or drinks at the bar for the winner!

Number of players

Due to the size of the game board, 2-6 players is optimal.


Intended ages are 18+, but any age is able to understand and enjoy this game.

Gameplay time

The game ends after 10 rounds and can last as long as 2 hours if played with 6 people.


Below are the dice plus the Red, Blue, Yellow and Green cards associated with the spaces on the game board.

Below are the Characters you have to choose from.

Below are the coin counters you use to keep up with your available  coins.

Game design document

Game design doc  

Trailer and gameplay videos