This is the course site for David Bedsole’s Spring, 2015 WEPO (Writing and Editing in Print and Online) class. It will not be updated further, except in the Course Postmortem. If you are looking for David’s Summer, 2015 WEPO course site, click here.

Note: Students used copyrighted material for class purposes, including simulated editing projects. I believe that this use of material meets the four factors of fair use:

  1. The material has been transformed (shortened, multimedia added) for educational purposes;
  2. The materials used were published articles, sometimes from older magazines;
  3. The full materials were not republished;
  4. Credit and links were given to the original authors, so potential profit should not be affected.

As the instructor of this course, I assume responsibility for these projects. If you are a copyright holder and wish me to remove any of these student projects, please contact me at dbteaches(at)gmail.com. I will quickly and gladly remove it.

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